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10 things to consider when hiring a cleaner

10 things to think about when hiring a cleaner

As with any trade or service, finding the right person for the job is sometimes difficult and now more than ever its tricky to find a reputable trades-person. So here are 10 things to consider when hiring a cleaner. Basically some pointers and things to remember to ask when potentially hiring a cleaner.

  1. So first off, as mentioned, ask questions! You want to see their level of professionalism and what kind of business they are. You need to know if they will be using their own equipment and materials or you need to supply them.
  2. Whether or not they have a physical office you can visit is not always an accurate way to gauge their standards. These days people run successful family run businesses from their home.
    This does not necessarily mean they are in anyway worse than a cleaner with an office address. In fact it means their overheads could be lower, as their not paying rent for an office. This can reflect in the price they give you.
  3. Are they insured? If their going to be cleaning your gutters, windows, carpets or your flat, apartment or house they will need relevant insurance. So you need to ask about this.
  4. Check their reviews online. You need to see whether they have a good history of happy clients.
    If they have some bad reviews it’s good to read their reply back to that bad review, to see their level of professionalism towards any unhappy clients.
    Then check their overall score to get a good idea if their right for your business.
  5. Sickness and Holidays: Can they provide a fill in temporary cleaner for when your cleaner is ill or on holiday. This should be discussed at the start.
  6. Uniformed staff always looks better, especially if they are in your business premises. Whether its closed or not people can see, and this can reflect on your business image. There are also good reasons to believe that uniform helps workers perform better. (interesting article on this subject here).
  7. Also Its good if a business has good contact details on a professional website, with lots of information about themselves.
  8. Are their staff well trained? Are their staff using potentially hazardous chemicals and if so do they know what they are doing when using them. Do they follow the best practices when performing cleaning of your property.
  9. With window cleaning or gutter cleaning it’s good to know what you require, whether its traditional window cleaning or pure water cleaning which has the benefits of no ladders, added privacy and the windows being cleaner longer. If gutter cleaning, are they using a ladder or the safe telescopic suction method?
  10. Discuss early on very clearly what you need and want from the service so you can come to an agreement you can both happily work with. Does the cleaner need to be a key holder or set alarms and does this reflect in the cost?


Generally you just want to get an  idea of the kind of business their running. If they haven’t been founded long that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. They could be starting out on their own officially but have had years experience working in the industry.
Maybe they were a member of staff for a company. Also probably very eager to impress if just staring out on their own. Finally How much will a cleaner cost? Have a budget in mind and discuss the price from the start and how many hours cleaning you need.

Hopefully some of these tips have helped you in your considering a cleaner.

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