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8 Amazing benefits of Rainwater Storage Tanks

8 Benefits of rainwater harvesting.

“Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink”- Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  Seeing water that you are unable to use is frustrating. Long gone are the days we relied on the local well for our water supply. With fluctuating climate changes you can never be sure when you will have a drought, even with our heavy rainfall our water bills seem to get higher so it makes sense to harvest your rain to offset the cost of water. In Germany and Australia rain harvesting is very common. Over here in the UK it’s growing in popularity with people wanting to save water and not watch it go down the drain or cause drainage problems. So storing rainwater is definitely something worth looking into. Rainwater harvesting is basically collecting the run-off from a structure or another impervious surface in order to store it for later use. Here is a run down of just 8 benefits of Rainwater Harvesting or water catchment and how it could improve your home and finances.

1-You will use less mains water. It saves water and will help you become more self sufficient.

2-Save you money. Rainwater is free, yes this precious commodity is available for us to harness, store and use! On April 1st, 2014, a 2% increase (roughly £8) was announced, pushing up the average UK’s household bill for water and sewerage to £393 per year

3-Be in control! As prices increase for mains water you can be in more control of the mains water you use by using this free rain water.

4-The collected water can be used for multiple purposes…eg Irrigation, Garden, Refilling swimming pools, toilets, washing machine and if disinfected and filtered drinking water. (potable water)

5-It can help solve drainage issues on your home and provide you with free water and reduces stormwater runoff.

6-Rainwater systems or tanks are a simple solution, you capture water usually from the roof, it runs to your storage tank and you use the caught rainwater.

7-Use it as back-op to the mains or visa-versa. It can be used as a main source of water or as a back up source to wells and municipal water. Rainwater harvesting systems can provide an excellent back-up source of water for emergencies or you can use the rainwater for everyday use like toilets, washing machines, gardens etc and use the mains water as a back-up.

8-Rainwater is better for your garden as it does not contain Chlorine.

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