Conservatory Cleaning

Conservatory cleaning for homes around South East Kent. Based in Deal in Kent and serving approximately a 25 mile distance from Deal. Not just pole cleaning! We use the correct materials to clean your Conservatory roof and windows, including the UPVC plastic. This involves special brush heads specifically for this job but also a lot of good old fashioned elbow grease to scrub and wipe clean ground in dirt then rinse and dry and buff to a gleaming shine.

Conservatories take the full brunt of our British weather and over time that grime builds up. You eventually need it cleaning of moss, tree debris and muck. Using a combination of water-fed pole system cleaning and good old fashioned elbow grease to clean your conservatory roofs, windows and UPVC.

We can also clean insides including the UPVC frames and sills. We do a thorough job on your conservatory, all nooks and crannies cleared of muck. So if your conservatory windows and plastic are looking a little weathered give us a call.

How we work:

First of all we make sure the area around the conservatory is clear for working, next we jet water onto the roof and gently scrub the plastic, frames and finery decor using cleaning agent. If your conservatory roof is glass we then finish the job using a final scrub and rinse with purified water.

Finally we work downwards working on the soffits, cleaning out the gutters, cleaning windows, frames and sills etc, cleaning them thoroughly and finally rinsing with more water. We strive to get your beautiful conservatory back as close as possible to its former glory!

Conservatory Cleaning Service includes:

  • Roof cleaned-Including the UPVC and decor
  • Soffits Cleaned
  • Outside of Gutters cleaned (contents cleaned on request)
  • All windows cleaned including sills and frames
  • UPVC Cleaned using a UPVC Cleaner
  • Uniformed staff
  • Efficient, prompt and tidy workers

Give us a call to arrange a simple quick estimate.

01304 764909.

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