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Rain catchment systems-Direct Feed or Gravity Feed harvester – What is The Difference?

With rain catchment lets first decide what your situation is to ascertain what is the best Direct or  Gravity feed harvester systems or something else.

Option 1. YOU HAVE AN ATTIC SPACE. Ok, The gravity fed Rain Director® system has advantages over any other system available. The rainwater stored in the underground tank is pumped up into the smart header tank located in the loft once or twice a day. It then uses gravity to feed the toilets and washing machines. Less electricity required means running costs are less than 1p/person/day. Cleverly designed so that water is guaranteed in any eventuality.

Option 2. You have no attic space. Fine, there a couple of options available:

  • First, if there is a cupboard or void that could be adapted to hold a header tank then maybe the Rain Director® system could be considered. The Smart Header Tank size is 100 liters, 600cm x 490cm x 500cm. It must be positioned at least 1.5m higher than any toilets and 5m higher than the washing machine.
  • The other option is a direct feed Rain Backup in a Box® system. Water is pumped directly to the toilets and washing machines. Simple to install and fully WRAS approved so accepted by all UK water authorities.

Rain catchment or Rainwater Harvesting is a great way to harness all that free rainwater we have so much of in the UK. Save this water and save yourself money by investing in a system from us.

Choose from either below ground or above ground system kits. Probably no explanation needed but choosing below or above ground is dependant on your preference and space at your property and some other factors. Direct feed or Gravity fed rainwater harvesting systems? Whats the difference?  We sell complete systems, made in the UK. Please email us for a quick response to your queries.

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