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End of tenancy cleaning benefits

End of Tenancy Cleaning benefits

If you are concerned about leaving your rental property in the condition you took it on then you need to consider a deep clean of your property. Of course there will always be wear and tear, (marks on walls, stains on carpets) but if you are serious about securing your deposit and leaving on the best of terms with your landlord then an end of tenancy clean is definitely recommended.

End of tenancy cleans are deep cleans of the property, including wiping down walls, skirting boards, inside cupboards, fridges, ovens and basically everything that can be cleaned….. cleaned and cleaned well. At Swinnerton Cleaning we do exactly that! This is not your usual maintenance clean, it involves much more and you can also request carpet cleaning to make sure everything looks great.

If your a landlord this service is invaluable if your property needs to be back to its former glory quickly for tenants moving in or viewing.

List of benefits summary

  • Better than a general clean (maintenance) This deeper clean gets your property back to as good as it can be without redecorating.
  • An end of tenancy clean can be used just to get your premises back to a manageable level of hygiene so you just need to maintain.
  • Better chance in getting back your deposit if your rental is very dirty.
  • If your a Landlord you need your property looking its best and smelling nice, it all helps in securing a tenant or sale.
  • A typical end of tenancy clean can include the following areas/items cleaned: Ovens, fridges, cupboards inside and out, skirting boards, blinds, ceilings dusted, surfaces wiped and sanitized, interior and exterior windows cleaned, baths/showers cleaned, sinks cleaned thoroughly, mirrors and partition windows cleaned, doors cleaned, carpets vacuumed, (cleaned on request)

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