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Gutter Cleaning Service

Our high powered telescopic vacuum machine and HD wireless inspection cameras* make sure your gutters are left properly cleared of tree debris, silt and moss. A build up of this over time can cause blockages and result in overflow and rain water going down the side of your property. This can cause problems with damp.

Left uncleared could result in staining of your building from the misdirected water from the gutter. Excess water on the ground below and in your garden is another possible result from blocked guttering and the weight of all the build up of muck is also a potential problem for gutters.

Based in South East Kent we can provide you a simple gutter cleaning solution without the need of ladders or scaffolding at your property. Using an industrial vacuum especially designed to clear gutters. We clean out the contents of your gutters and clear blocked downpipes where possible. Our method has proved very successful and leaves no risk of ladder damage to your property and less risk to health and safety.

We will provide a simple, no hassle, friendly service, please call Swinnerton Cleaning on 01304 764 909 to request a quote for gutter cleaning in the south east Kent. **

*HD Camera inspections need to be requested

**Usually we visit your property to give a quote but on occasion we can quote with pictures emailed to us:)

Choose your level of service.

We offer 2 levels of gutter cleaning service, by having 2 options you know exactly whats included and can adjust according to your budget. Both options are great a will get your gutters cleaned out but level 2 has some added extras that could prove useful. See below and request which level of service you require so we can give you the best quote. Simple.

Level 1-Silver

  • Gutter contents cleaned out
  • Downpipes cleared if access possible

Level 2-Gold

  • Gutter contents cleaned out
  • Downpipes cleared if access possible
  • Gutters washed down on the outside
  • Soffits Washed
  • Full HD Camera survey of your gutters
    (email required to receive footage)

Our Method for Gutter Cleaning

No Stress Gutter Cleaning

The simple solution to gutter cleaning! We attend your property with a vacuum machine attached to a telescopic pole, then proceed to suck out muck, moss and debris from your gutter system so rain can run down your down pipe. If the down pipe is blocked we clear this too. Where possible we clean out lower gutters, like on conservatories,  by hand cleaning them inside and out. Simple and tidy.

How long does it take?

It varies but for a 4 bedroom detached house, depending on size, height and access to the gutters will take approximately 2 or maybe 3 hours depending on these above factors. But don’t worry we work in an efficient manner and keep our surroundings tidy and clear and use a safe working method at ALL times.

For a smaller semi detached house about 1.5 to 2 hours and about an 1 hour for just the front of a terraced house.

What we offer:

  • Gutters emptied/cleared of muck-inside and out.
  • Downpipes cleared if possible to access
  • HD camera survey of your gutters on request
  • Fully Insured
  • No ladders or scaffolding-Safer and more convenient
  • Adherence to health and safety
  • Professional friendly service
  • Excellent rates
  • Reliable, tidy and prompt service
  • Uniformed staff

Main Areas:

Gutter cleaning south east Kent – Deal, Dover, Sandwich, Whitstable, Canterbury, Dover, Thanet, Folkstone, Ashford and surrounding areas.

Contact 01304 764 909 or HERE.

gutter cleaner


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