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How to find a good conservatory cleaner?

How to find a good conservatory cleaner? Conservatory cleaning is actually quite important for the longevity of your property. A build up of algae can occur and moss can get between small spaces causing damage. So regular cleaning of the windows and frames is definitely important, as is the roof being clean.
After all what is the point of an expensive conservatory if the windows are not clean. This can spoil your view and enjoyment of the space. Eventually left unattended this build up of grime can cause stains and other problems.

So how to find a good conservatory cleaner? Properly cleaning your conservatory involves more than just spraying with pure water and a cursory scrub. Although that’s good for the final rinse of glass it needs scrubbing in small hard to reach areas. Additionally UPVC cleaner ideally would be used. All UPVC cleaned and dried, moss removed, gutters emptied or sucked out and cleaned on the outside too. Sills will need cleaning also.
Also the roof needs to be cleaned inside and out and decorative fittings cleaned. These are the spikey finishing bits on the roof. This should leave a conservatory, that hasn’t been left for too long in the bad weather, to be back to excellent condition. Jetwashing the roof is not really recommended as the pressure of the water can damage seals of roof panels possibly leading to leaks.

So if your conservatory cleaner does this properly you should see, poles, ladders (for better access to conservatory roof if its not possible to walk on) and other cleaning materials. An average size conservatory could take between 2-3 hours approximately. A large one could take a full days work doing inside and out and maybe 2 members of staff depending on the companies method.

Depending on if you want the inside cleaned, this of course would mean things would need to be covered and maybe the room cleared first of furniture. This all takes time but will enable the cleaner to use ladders to reach the inside roof to give a thorough clean including frames.

It’s ok to ask how the cleaner will be achieving the clean of your roof and this should give you an idea of what is needed to do a good job.

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