• 4 Section Telescopic Carbon Pole
  • Featuring the Patented Gardiner Smart Clamps
  • Comes complete with FREE Super-Lite Brush®, Quick-LoQ Gooseneck*, ‘All Season’ Pole Hose & Connector
  • 100% Carbon Fibre Content in Extending Sections
  • Base Handle Section has Outer Insulated Layer for Safety
  • Working Reach: 23ft
  • Click Here for the full Pole Range Specificatio Chart

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CLX 4 – 2 section telescopic carbon-composite pole

Comes complete with FREE ‘All Season’ Pole Hose, QuicK-LoQ Gooseneck* and Connector**

    • 50% Carbon Fibre Content in Extending Sections
    • Extended length – 1.27m
    • Closed Length – 72cm
    • Weight – 270g
    • Handle Diameter – 25mm
    • Insulated Handle Section is made from non-conductive Fibre Glass and is suitable for resisting up to 15,000v
    • Featuring the Patented Gardiner Smart Clamps – Patent Numbers – UK – GB2512390, Europe – SP2784335, China – ZL201310301256.1
    • Click Here to view the Telescopic Pole User Guide .pdf – Please read before using these poles


*or instead, upgrade to selection of goosenecks as shown in drop down box

**please note that if no hose is selected then no connector will be sent, even if selected

***please note that if no brush is selected then no jets will be sent, even if selected

****The 4 jet options apply only for 35cm and 45cm wide brushes.  If the 4 jet option is selected for a standard width brush, this will automatically be reduced to 2 jets and no refund issued for the extra 2 jets selected.


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CLX 4 Carbon-Composite Pole
  • Section Material - 50/50 Carbon Fibre/Glass Fibre on all extending sections
  • Clamp Material - Dupont-Zytel® thermoplastic reinforced nylon
  • Insulated matt finish handle section
  • Top of pole has a No.1 size Gardiner Smart Clamp to connect to the Gardiner QuicK-LoQ gooseneck system


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