Pure water

Pure water Window cleaning

We use purified water to clean your windows, purified water has been treated to remove contaminants that cause spotting and marks on your windows, pure water will cling to dirt and remove it from your windows.The water is filtered in a way that removes anything that would mark the windows and is regularly checked for its PPM (particles per million) to be sure of it’s cleaning abilities. The windows are first of all gently scrubbed to agitate the dirt, this is done whilst simultaneously jetting pure water onto the surface of the window. Once they have been cleaned this way they are finally rinsed with more pure water.

The Brush Head

Using brushes designed for cleaning windows you will see after the first clean your windows looking excellent. We maintain them monthly, 6 weekly or 2 monthly. The brush head I use for cleaning your windows is specifically designed for windows and thus will not scratch them. Your frames and sills are cleaned at the same time and then everything is rinsed to remove the last of the dirt. Pure water is used for most of the outside of properties.

Inside window cleaning

Inside we use normal water in a bucket and a detergent with traditional equipment. (squeegee and scrim to dry) If cleaning the inside of windows and conservatory roofs, appropriate ground sheets are used to avoid mess.

FAQ-Windows are still wet!

Windows will look wet after their clean, this is no accident. We are using pure water so there is no need to dry it. It will dry naturally with no residue.

The first Clean

The first time we clean your windows I may use a bit of added detergent if they haven’t been cleaned in a while and the job may take slightly longer than usual, this is to get you windows to a high standard on the first clean then we can maintain it each visit.

We are always trying to limit the water we use by using the latest in window cleaning technology like using a special valve which means we can stop water between windows to be more efficient and use less water. We can also reduce the pressure on our tanks to avoid unnecessary overuse of water this is less waste. For either of these great no fuss solutions to window and gutter cleaning give us a call or email and we can offer you a quick estimate over the phone/email

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