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Rain Catch

Rain catch

RAIN CATCH -Lets catch that rain! Rain doesn’t need to ruin your day. Maybe you can change your view of rain overnight and see the possibilities of all that free water? Have you ever heard of rainwater harvesting or Rain catch or rain recycling? You probably have, well where do you start? There are a few option s actually. If you have room, in your garden and you don’t mind you can have a tank installed above ground where you will see it everyday, if not you can buy one that can be simply buried.

There are various different shaped rain catch tanks making it easier to bury like the super shallow F-Line series in the below tanks section of our shop-Which is a High quality, one piece, shallow dig tank. No concrete required plus low installation depth minimises installation costs and supported by the manufacturers 25 year tank guarantee.

Once you know which tank your after you have significantly reduced the options and narrowed down your results.Next you need to filter the rainwater from off your roof, this can be on the tank or the down pipe or even a near by tree (or both) Then a rainwater pump is needed which we can help you choose.

What do you want or need to do with the water? Water the garden? Flush the loo? Wash clothes? All this? If you want to flush loos using rainwater maybe a “Mains Backup” system is appropriate? So in case of drought you still have water to flush. This system feeds water to your tank inside your house from the mains when there is not sufficient rain fall to harvest.See examples below. These are direct feed options below.

Example for above ground.

Example for below ground.

Alternatively if you have an attic you could choose the Rain Director system which once or twice a day pumps water from the stored water outside in your garden up to the header tank in your attic and uses gravity to then feed toilets etc, saving you money on electricity to pump to appliances.

Example Below ground

Summary of options.

Above Ground Systems – Just for Gardens   or   Below Ground Systems – Just for Gardens

Above Ground Systems – Use in the Home    or   Below Ground Systems – Use in the Home

Below Ground Systems – Gravity Feed for the Home (these systems have a header tank in the roof and deliver constant pressure)

Above Ground Systems – Direct Feed for the Home   or   Below Ground Systems – Direct Feed for the Home

If you need to write down all you questions and give us an email-HERE

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