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Help with buying a Domestic Rain Harvester

Rainwater Harvest Sytems

Helping you choose the rightwater Rain Harvest system

Rainwater Harvest Systems can be confusing if your new to this. But it doesn’t need be. After reading below you should be a little clearer and if not call or email us and we can get the relevant information about your property and size of your outside space and find the right rain harvest system for you or your client. Lets Help to simplify buying a Rain Harvest system. Firstly, decide what space you actually have, this way you can narrow down the selection of tanks to the one you need and is best for your circumstances.

Rain Directer system

Rainwater Harvest OPTION 1:If you have room in your attic space for a tank then you could consider the gravity fed rain director system®. So you would still have an underground rain harvest tank and the collected rainwater would once or twice a day be pumped up to the loft space to the smart header tank, then using gravity it will feed toilets and washing machines. This way you are guaranteed water in any eventuality and it saves on electricity as it’s using gravity, so less than 1p per person per day.
Rainwater Harvest OPTION 2:If you don’t have attic space the RAS Approved Rain Backup in a Box® system:


rainwater harvest

OPTION 1: If there is a cupboard or void you could maybe adapt to hold a  header tank then you could install the Rain Director system. The tank is The Smart Header Tank size is 100 liters, 600cm x 490cm x 500cm. It must be positioned at least 1.5m higher than any toilets and 5m higher than the washing machine.
OPTION 2: Direct feed rain back-up in a box system. The water is pumped directly to where needed, toilets and washing machines. It’s simple to install and is approved by WRAS thus accepted by all UK water authorities.

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