Terms and Conditions-Cleaning services

  1. We (kentcleaningservices themselves supplying cleaning service) require Full access on the day of cleaning. We are unable to move any obstacles such as furniture which may inhibit cleaning.
  2. All estimates are subject to site survey & confirmation by us giving a final quote.
  3. Payments may be made on the day by cash, cheque or within 7 days by online payment.-BACS. Postal payments to: Kent Cleaning Services, 9 Hamilton Road, Deal, Kent, CT14 9BH.
  1. Accepted quotations will mean clients (persons hiring us) will be subject to the Terms and Conditions herein.
  2. It is your (persons hiring us) responsibility to ensure that all items to be cleaned are structurally sound prior to cleaning.
  3. All windows must be closed on the day of the clean, open windows may be left uncleaned if contact can’t be made.
  4. Inaccessible windows will be noted and will effect the quotation, no staff are put at risk attempting such windows.
  5. External windows are cleaned using pure water pumped using water fed poles.
  6. In extreme weather a scheduled clean may be impossible but another date will be given as soon as possible
  7. Scheduled dates for cleaning may on occasion have to be changed but prior notice will be given.
  8. Internal window cleaning is a separate job to external and is quoted separately.
  9. Internal glass surfaces will be cleaned using traditional methods and/or industry leading Vikan Cleaning Flexible Mop Head cleaning system
  10. Windows requiring removal of limescale or paint are charged separately prior to a survey as pure water does not remove this. Specialized chemicals are needed.
  11. We (kentcleaningservices themselves supplying the cleaning service) reserve the right to terminate your cleaning account without notice.
  12. We (kentcleaningservices themselves supplying the cleaning service) reserve the right to amend prices with notice of 28 days.
  13. In payment disputes, it is the client’s responsibility to give proof that cleared payment in full has been made. We reserve the right to recover any costs incurred in debt recovery.
  14. We (kentcleaningservices themselves supplying the cleaning service) reserve the right to cease cleaning until funds are cleared for clients with an outstanding balance
  15. Gutter cleaning is offered for gutter contents only and does not include the removal, repair or replacement of any part of the gutter or downpipes and does not include removal of gadgets used to avoid leaves (leafguards etc) We will require access to mains power to operate our vacuum system.
  16. A copy of our current Terms and Conditions are available on request.Also Terms window cleaning
  17. We (kentcleaningservices themselves supplying the cleaning service) reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.
  18. Jurisdiction The Contract (including the Service Terms) is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with English law. Disputes arising in connection with the Contract (including the Service Terms) shall be subject to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  19. Any complaints received after 48 hours will not be considered valid due to weather, bird droppings and other external forces out of our control which can effect end result of our cleaning work.
  20. Errors & omissions excepted.
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